Group Events

Group Events

Corporate Events

Treat your staff to IV infusions or vitamin injections in your office or at your corporate retreat and reap the health benefits of wellness.  IV treatments and vitamin injections are a great addition to any corporate wellness program or just a fun way to reward the team for all of their hard work.

Group Travel

Don’t let jet lag ruin your vacation! Make sure everyone in your travel party arrives at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed with pre-travel IV infusions or vitamin injections. Avoid any post travel fatigue or sickness by staying hydrated and supporting your system with essential vitamins and nutrients. IV treatments or vitamin injections before and after your trip will help everyone stay healthy and avoid the fatigue and stress associated with traveling.

Sporting Events

Running a 5k or participating in an endurance race or CrossFit competition? Give your team an edge with an IV treatment. Make sure your body has the nutrients and electrolytes it needs for top performance the day before or help your body fully recover afterwards.